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The Intergenerational Project

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The Intergenerational Project


UNESCO’S PRINCIPLE “A SOCIETY FOR ALL AGES” (1991) advocates intergenerational equity yet today there is still a lack of multi-generational involvement in human development planning. Why is that? Intergenerational contact, particularly from younger to older adults, is often tainted by age-based prejudice, which is prevalent around the world (Riley, & Leach, 2003), especially in Canada (Palmore, 2004).

This condition is reflected in our recent pilot study of ageism in the Lower Mainland (Anderson, Yon, Research Team). The results from our study show that ageism is not just between youth and old persons but is reflective of societal norms where 82% of near 600 respondents reported experiencing ageism and:

  • 29% of participants reported being ignored and not taken seriously because of their age;
  • 26% reported being patronized or talked down to
  • And 22% reported being treated with less dignity and respect
  • The above three items were strongly correlated and represent an attack on self-esteem. Current conditions indicate a need for tools to increase understanding, communities to encourage and facilitate intergenerational collaborations.


    TIP promotes an age inclusive sustainable community and provides a model for other communities to develop their own strategy for intergenerational collaboration. It is designed to increase capacity for healthy age relations.

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    Now Available!

    The CommunityToolbox for Intergenerational Collaboration begins to create standards and a framework for intergenerational collaboration which can be duplicated in other BC communities.

    To request information about how to get the Community Toolboxfor IG Collaboration CD use the Contact Us link on the side menu.

    Learn more about the CommunityToolbox for Intergenerational Collaboration CD by following the link below.

    Community IG Toolbox