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Our Project Community Supporters

j0289893_1.jpg Thanks to all of our partners who made it possible for a small volunteer organization to create a big vision and get it done!

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Fraser Basin Council

Fraser Basin Council's mandate is to ensure that the decisions we make now will protect and advance the Basin's social, economic and environmental sustainability into the future. Over the past 10 years, the Council and its partners have established a solid track record of getting people together to find practical, common sense solutions to long-standing issues.

Fraser Basin


Langley Seniors Resource

The Langley Senior Resources Society is an independent, not for profit, charitable organization that has been providing health, recreational and food services to seniors and adults of all abilities since 1982.

Langley Seniors Resource Society

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Langley Centennial Museum

The Langley Centennial Museum is owned and operated by the Township of Langley and is located in the historic Village of Fort Langley. The Museum opened in 1958 and today, after more than 40 years of offering exhibits, programs and other heritage services we continue to grow and expand our role in the community of Langley.

Langley Centennial Museum

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Research For Sustainable Community Development

In the SCD, community based research is practical and applied, leads to action, explores academic as well as non-academic research, and creates sustained relationships between Kwantlen’s researchers and our community partners. Director: Stephen Dooley

Research & Scholarship

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BC Community Building Research & Action

A family-owned independent company dedicated to increasing respect, caring, and cooperation across generations. Provides training, consultation, research, and motivational speaking on a wide range of issues affecting age relations. Their goal is to build community across generations. CBRA


Friends and Other Resources

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