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Community Storytellers, Celebrating Our Elders

Community Storytellers, Celebrating Our Elders


ICAL, Intergenerational Centre for Action Learning used a grant from the Canadian Government’s New Horizons for Seniors Initiatives to initiate a digital storytelling program that had youth and seniors collaborate to share a story from the senior's life.

Intergenerational teams interview seniors living in the Langleys.

Teams learn how at a workshop by making a digital story about themselves

Each team interviews two seniors and produce Digital Stories (3-5-minute videos) with the seniors about their lives.

These short digital stories will be presented to the community in September 2008 to be held at the Langley Resource Society Seniors Centre.

Both Storytellers and Intergenerational Production Teams will share their project experiences at the Community Screening and Celebration. Through this project, intergenerational teams will discover a new and exciting way to explore and preserve history while helping honour the contributions of our older generations.

If your organization is interested in this project for your members please contact us

Download the Storytellers Flyer here. Community Storytellers, Celebrating Our Elders

Our First Story: Muriel Arnason


Our first story is from Muriel Arnason as told by her daughter Petrina.

Muriel accepted our invitation to participate in the project before her death. Her daughter Petrina courageously stepped forward so Muriel's story could be celebrated and treasured by the community.

It is presented below. Please click on full screen for best viewing.

Petrina Arnason shares a story from her Mother's life.

The video is from the Celebrating Our Elders, Digital Storytelling Project, ICAL Intergenerational Centre for Action Learning made possible through a grant from New Horizons for Seniors, Canadian Federal program.