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Community IG Toolbox

Community IG Toolbox

This project began in early November 2006, when the results of the study of Ageism in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia became apparent. Our team, Elizabeth Anderson, Yongjie Yon, and Larry Anderson, became convinced that this information could be utilized to improve intergenerational relations and reduce age prejudice.

During the fall of 2006 and during the first three months of 2007 team members traveled around the Lower Mainland, presenting findings to community groups who expressed interest in our work. Laura Watts, the Program Director of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law Studies (CCELS) suggested that toolboxes are a very useful method for knowledge translation and Steven Dooley director of Kwantlen University College’s National Institute for Research in Sustainable Community Development agreed to provide in kind services.

After a meeting with Terry Robert, Assistant Regional Manager, Thompson Region 1 of the Fraser Basin Council, the concept of the Intergenerational Centre for Action Learning began to take shape. An agreement was reached that the first addition of the Community Toolbox for Intergenerational Collaboration would be produced. The following materials are a result of that process.

Follow the links below to see what's inside the Community Intergenerational Toolbox CD

Toolbox Part One Table of Contents

Toolbox Part Two Table of Contents

Toolbox Part Three Table of Contents

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